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About Coach Rashod

What’s going on? I'm Rashod Richards, after hanging my cleats up and being handed my Bachelors in Exercise Science from Robert Morris University, as well as playing football for a year in the United Kingdom while pursuing my masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology, I had one goal in mind to help the next person realize their dreams or goals.

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Rashod's Story

I was once that person looking for the help to take my game to the next level.

However most trainers or coaches didn’t understand how to help me maximize my potential so I went on a quest to find answers on how to do so myself. With the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 8years in the fitness and sports performance industry I’m able to help others seek and obtain their goals. My purpose as a Personal Trainer is to provide others with the information that I have obtained through years of experience and studies, helping others reach their goals that they set for themselves. To help not only sustain fitness and health but also build self confidence through goal setting and accomplishing them. Through sport and fitness not only creates life long relationships, builds confidence and mentally prepares us for the world outside of the gym walls. Ultimately showing the connection between the mind and body. This ranges from Field/footwork, postural analysis, strength and conditioning, plyometrics, hand eye coordination, reaction time, and physical therapy.




After 6 Months of Training 3x a week 25min sessions 3 Months of training 3-4x a week. Rashod,


where do I begin about his program designing? During the time of my first testimonial my life was in a downwards turn. I was going through tough times and a very depressing situation. Through this situation I lost confidence and drive and had started to gain weight. Working with Coach Rashod day in and day out at his home gym in University City, MO. I was able to recapture my confidence physically and mentally. Coach Rashod does not only emphasize physical health, he improved my mental health along the way. I ended up losing 15- 20lbs of fat and put on 9-10lbs muscle. I am a current member of Rashod’s Fitness Program and I do not see that changing. Coach Rashod works with me even though I am in a different state through video call workouts. Coach Rashod’s dedication is unmatched by any other trainer. Also his workouts are very futuristic and cutting edge implementing workouts from his many endeavors overseas and in the US. 

2 Months of Program Design training 5x a week.




“When I started with Rashod he asked what my goal was. I told him what I could do in high
school. He trained me to get back to that strength and I didn’t even really realize what he was
doing. In 3 months he made me not just reach my high school strength, but beat it. “

- John Keenan

This past year has been wild, going through a pandemic and being forced to turn inwards and
evaluate myself, gaining weight, and creating unhealthy habits. Meeting Rashod and having him
become my trainer has been one of the best things that could happen to me, not only was he my
trainer, but he has become a very important friend of mine and someone I can trust to talk about
my mental struggles. I used to hate going to the gym but Rashod has helped build my confidence
tremendously physically and mentally and I feel a lot more comfortable with myself.

-Jaymie Terbush

Weight :139. >134<131
BMI :21.8 > 20.7
Body fat %: 21.0 >;18.1

Rashod goes above and beyond when it comes to helping people achieve their fitness dreams.
Working with him I grew not only physically, but mentally as well. Armed with a vast arsenal of
knowledge, Rashod is that bridge that helps you get from where you are to where you want to

-Maddie James

Core Values



               -being able to overcome the challenges you will encounter during the course of training.


              -we will always treat our clients and members with respect no matter what. We expect the same.


              -Providing clients with new innovative ways to reach their goals.


             -we are determined to get you to your goal and to show you with determination your goals are limitless.


              -is key, we promise to always remain open to new ways to improve


If you'd like to work with Rashod, give us a call today!


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